How Car Credible works

Sign up to the Deal Checker

Simply enter your registration and mileage and then your car finance details. Once you've done this, create your account to view your deal in full.


Check your deal score

Your personalised dashboard will let you know all the details of your current deal, as well as letting you know if you are in a position to upgrade or save money on your car.

Don't worry if you aren't, we will automatically update your deal every month and you can see how your position changes.


Get approved

Once in a position to upgrade or save money on your car, you can click through to see the car finance offers available to you.

You will be able to take up your early renewal option, allowing you to replace your car early and take out a new finance plan.


Choose a car

Your preferred finance partner will help you find your new car unless you already have one in mind. All that is left to do is wait for your early settlement agreement from your current finance company.

You can choose either sell your existing car directly or part-exchange through the dealer who is supplying your new car.

Choose a car

Sign and drive!

Once you are happy with the offer you have received, sign on the dotted line and drive away your new car!

Sign and drive!