About Car Credible

We help our users take back control of their car finance.

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About Car Credible

What we do

Car Credible is a comprehensive tool that identifies switching and saving opportunities on your car finance in the easiest possible way.

Compare refinancing rates from top lenders, pre-qualify in minutes, pay no application fee, and leave all of the heavy lifting to us.

Car finance made easy

We make it easy to understand your car finance and help you make informed decisions about your current deal.

Our algorithm

Our advanced algorithm continually assesses your car finance position, keeping you up to date throughout your deal.

We work for you

We want to help you get the cheapest and best deal to suit your needs and are not tied to any dealers or finance companies.

Our vision

Car Credible's vision is to help users take back control of their car finance.

We know car finance can be overcomplicated and many people are unsure whether they have a good deal or what they are entitled to do within their agreement.

That's why our product uses data science and proprietary algorithms to offer tailored advice about car finance deals that are accessible to everyone.

Our case study

Car Credible aims to help you refinance into a new loan, allowing you to buy a new car with better terms than your current deal.

Refinancing is when you take out a new loan to pay off your existing car loan. Depending on your preference, users can upgrade to a new car for the same payments or lower their payments and save money.

Here's an example of what refinancing your car loan may look like:

Jamie took out a 5-year car loan in late 2019.

Since making the purchase, Jamie has decided he would like to change into a new car and lower his monthly payments to save money. At Car Credible we can make that happen.

We can help Jamie pursue the following options:

  • Trade up to a new car for the same (or less) monthly payments.
  • Lower the monthly payments and save money.
  • Sell the car, taking any profit it might have.

The problem

Car finance can be confusing and is frequently misunderstood.

Often the buyer is unsure of whether they have a good deal or not.

Many users are unaware of what they are entitled to do under their existing finance agreement.

The solution

We make it easy for you to understand your car finance.

Our platform uses advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you understand your current position within seconds.

Putting the user first

Our promise is to make car finance fairer and easier to understand.

We do all the hard work so you can save money and switch to deals that suit your needs.

We don't charge you for anything, so if you take out a new finance agreement, the lender will pay us a fee. These never affect our advice, we're dedicated to getting you the best possible deal.

Our team

Jae Chalfin

Jae Chalfin

Co-founder and CEO

Niall Hughes

Niall Hughes

Co-founder and CTO