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Soft vs hard credit check: What do they mean?If you're looking to take out some form of finance, the likelihood is you would have come across these terms.READ MORE
Affordability: What is it in terms of car financeWhen you come to buy a car on finance, you need to consider what you can afford before applying for a loan.READ MORE
The pros and cons of part exchanging your carWe identify the pros and cons of part exchanging a car so you can make an informed decision.READ MORE
Car finance loan: What can I borrow?Taking out car finance can be complicated and you may be unsure just how much you are allowed to borrow.READ MORE
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): What is it and how it affects meUnderstand the confusion surrounding APR and how to make more informed choices when borrowingREAD MORE
Early renewal in car finance: How does it affect me?Not many people know you can get out of your car finance deal earlier than expected with an early renewal.READ MORE
Equity in car finance: What is it and how does it affect me?Knowing your equity position will give you a clearer understanding of your overall car finance deal.READ MORE
Early settlement figure and car finance: How does it affect me?The early settlement figure is something everybody with car finance needs to know.READ MORE
Car finance: Is it worth it, what is best for me, how do I do itCar finance can be an excellent way to buy your next new or used car, but it is dependent on each individual's needs and budget. READ MORE
Car finance with bad credit: Is it possible and how to get itIf you need to buy a car, it can be tougher if you have poor credit but it is achievable, and we're here to explain how.READ MORE
Credit history and car finance: what is good, how to improve and why it's importantFinance companies will scrutinise your credit history before approving your car finance borrowing request.READ MORE
Car finance: All the pros and cons you need to know before taking out a dealCar finance can be overcomplicated, but Car Credible breaks it all down to help make it clear and simple.READ MORE
Credit score vs credit history for car financeThere are numerous misconceptions around these topical subjects in the finance industryREAD MORE
Hire Purchase (HP) explainedHire Purchase (HP) remains a popular choice for consumers looking to finance a vehicleREAD MORE
PCP Finance explained A personal contract purchase (PCP) has established itself as the most favoured method of financing a new car in recent years. READ MORE

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