Five Simple Car Hacks

They might not be for useful for everyone, but they may just save you some frustration every once in a while.

Everywhere you look these days there is a video or a guide that is trying to ram 'life-hacks' down your throat to try and make life easier for you.

Well, we are no different on this occasion and we are here to provide some hacks to help you out with your car.

Many of you would have seen TikTok sensation, Khaby Lame - who has amassed millions of followers - watching 'life-hacks' and brilliantly simplifying them, but we're hoping even he couldn't simplify these for us.

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Sometimes things seem so obvious that they are too good to be true, and most of the time that is the case. 

However, these five hacks are completely genius and will make using your car as stress-free as possible.

The child lock

There is nothing more frustrating than getting into the back seat of a friend or family member's car who has a child and trying to open the door or window, only to be met with failure.

Of course, it's critical that this feature exists to stop little ones from being able to escape, especially while the car is moving.

But it is easier to turn it on or off - depending on who you have in the back - than you may actually think.

Many cars still require you to do this manually, though some newer cars may have a button that does this all for you from the front.

To access this, open the door and look near where the door's latch is there should be a switch to turn the lock on or off. It's very simple and a lot of people may already be aware of this, but it just saves time having to manually lock and unlock the doors every time you get into the car.

Disappearing seatbelts

Another extremely frustrating thing that can happen to you while in a car is if you can't find the seatbelt because it's stuck somewhere and you have to pretend to be plugged in by holding what you can find across your torso.


You can actually buy buckle holders that keep them in place so the next time someone is scrambling for their belt, it will already be there awaiting them.

Ugly windscreen

When you go through the effort of washing your car by hand instead of going through the car wash or paying a professional to clean it for you, only to find your windscreen looks like you've smeared it with butter, it can be downright annoying.

That's a very British driving problem if we do say so ourselves!

However, you can avoid this happening and that's largely due to the windscreen wipers.

If you keep them clean by washing them regularly with washer fluid, it should keep off any debris and prevent any cracks from appearing on your windscreen.

This may save you extra time having to manually wash your windscreen by hand.

Your petrol cap 

Going to the petrol station, only to find there's a huge queue for the pump side that you need is mildly infuriating, to say the least.

Sometimes you will grin and bear it and stretch the pump over the top of your car to the opposite side where it's meant to go, while other times you may completely forget which side your pump is on.

You can easily avoid this embarrassment, however, by looking carefully at your fuel gauge which features a clue aimed to subtly help you.

Most cars will feature an arrow next to the fuel pump icon either on the left or right side, indicating which side yours is on, or even more cleverly, the handle of the fuel icon will be either on the right or left and whichever side it's on, that's the side your fuel cap is too.

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Your car battery

When it gets a bit darker, turn your car on with the headlights already switched on. If they don't look particularly bright, keep your car neutral and rev the engine.

If your headlights start getting brighter as you rev, it may be a big indication that your battery needs to be replaced and you should look to get that sorted.

So there we have it, five little car hacks that will hopefully make life that little bit easier for you, and if you already knew about them or they impact you very little, then bravo, we commend your car hacking knowledge.


How can I preserve the value of my car?

Ensure to keep both the interior and exterior clean and fresh while maintaining annual services so your car remains in tip top condition.

Are you allowed to sleep in your car?

There is no criminal offence involved if you are sleeping in your car, unless you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It's recommended that you take regular rests, including naps in your car if you are travelling for long periods of time.