The UK's Most Popular Drive-Thrus

The top drive-thru restaurants in 20 UK towns and cities.

The inception of drive-thru restaurants throughout the UK has massively changed how people consume food and drink, adding convenience and a sense of desirability when out driving.

It's meant that you can grab food on the go, without having to leave your car, for a relatively reasonable price - depending on where you go and what you order, of course.

The popularity has led to thousands of drive-thrus opening up around the country, and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon of wanting to offer customers their products in this way.

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McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King have been available for a long time now, but in recent years we've seen coffee retailers such as Costa and Starbucks become more prominent, and the likes of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and even Greggs open up on-the-go establishments.

It's given motorists more food and drink choices when they are on the road, particularly for long periods of time, and not only that, provided hundreds of thousands of new jobs around the UK, which is a huge benefit. researched search trends and volumes online to discover the favourite drive-thru choice of people living in some of the biggest towns and cities in the UK.

'Maccies' is the clear favourite in the UK with the golden arches drive-thru being searched for 74,000 times per month on average. It clearly makes a first place in the list with Starbucks coming second and KFC a distant third.

Here is the list of 20 places in the UK where drive-thru searches are most prominent and the winner for each location.

  • Birkenhead - McDonald's
  • Birmingham - Starbucks
  • Bristol - McDonald's
  • Cardiff - Starbucks
  • Coventry - McDonald's
  • Edinburgh - Starbucks
  • Glasgow - Starbucks
  • Kingston-upon-Hull - McDonald's
  • Leeds - Starbucks
  • Leicester - McDonald's
  • Liverpool - Starbucks
  • London - McDonald's
  • Manchester - Starbucks
  • Newport - McDonald's
  • Nottingham - Starbucks
  • Preston - McDonald's
  • Reading - McDonald's
  • Sheffield - Starbucks
  • Stoke-on-Trent - McDonald's
  • Sunderland - Starbucks

In London alone, McDonald's is searched for over 18,000 times per month on average, with the capital's population desperate to get their Big Mac and McNuggets fix.


As mentioned above, coffee brands such as Starbucks have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, with drive-thrus popping up all over the country, with the nation craving its daily hit of caffeine.

And that shows in this research with Starbucks coming in as the second most-searched-for fast-food and drink brand in the country with almost 50,000 searches per month.

Birmingham, Glasgow, and Manchester are the three cities that search for the American coffee giant the most, with 1,900, 1,300, and 1,000 searches per month respectively. 

KFC takes the bronze podium position of drive-thru searches in the UK, with just over 18,000 total searches on average per month.

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Which UK city has the most drive-thrus?

Glasgow and Manchester are tied as the UK city with the most drive-thru restaurants with 48 in total.