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Car Credible is a platform that identifies switching and saving opportunities in a smart and easy way

Car Credible is a platform that identifies switching and saving opportunities in a smart and easy way. The car finance market is overly-complicated and we are obsessed with helping customers to make informed decisions about their finance deals. 

Problems we solve 

As car finance continues to prove a complex subject, there are three clear issues that consumers have been faced with: 

  • Consumers are being mis-sold on their finance deal: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have estimated that there is as much as £300 million a year worth of harm being done.
  • 92% of consumers are failing to understand the basic terms of their car finance contract.
  • Consumers are unaware that they are able to benefit from cancelling their contract early. 
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Our solutions 

Consumers no longer have to worry about the logistics of their finance deal as Car Credible focuses on three clear solutions: 

  • Preventing buyers from overpaying on their finance deals.
  • Creating a single dashboard to monitor and track all of your finance information in one place.
  • Helping consumers to identify the optimal time to change a finance deal early. 

Our strategy 

Car Credible has enabled key strategies to ensure consumers are getting the best deal possible: 

  • Understanding whether the customer has positive equity in the deal, creating a mid-term renewal.
  • Identifying money-saving switch opportunities, offering a better Annual Percentage Rate (APR).
  • Establishing if consumers are in negative equity and able to terminate the agreement under the 50% rule.
  • Knowing when in the agreement lifecycle the customer is going to finish a deal - a classic renewal.

How we do it 

We recognised that there was simply a lack of data and insight for consumers to discover new market opportunities, so we created Car Credible to do the humanly impossible.

We do this by expertly combing through the market, to help consumers switch when the deal is good enough to change to a new car and save money.

Through smart data science and proprietary algorithms, we’re making it so anyone can access tailored advice about their current car deal - our platform will help owners understand their true financial position.

Our platform makes automated calculations daily, challenging consumers’ current car finance deal against market deals and complex factors, such as the ever changing car values and early repayment charges.  

The outcome 

We don’t just provide the data and walk away, but instead take you through the entire journey. That’s why we look to pair customers' ability to change with a marketplace of suitable finance and insurance products (marketplace partners). 

Our partner companies, via our customer segments, begin competing for new deals, resulting in improved product offers for their prospective customer. 

To offer a fair alternative, we collect relevant financial and other data from customers and help them understand their financial position. Customers then get shown all relevant options and offers and choose the best for them.

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Lending companies 

Those risk-based customer segments, and risk adjusted product offers, increase approval rates, lowering customer acquisitions costs and help to control risk.

While the automotive sector has undergone dramatic digital transformation, the sales process has remained the same with the customer quickly funnelled into the showroom.

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