Car Finance Deal Checker

We can help you understand your car finance deal in greater detail.

Car Credible makes car finance simple by breaking it down and presenting it in a clear way to help you track and keep on top of your deal. We update your deal monthly and notify you when the optimal time to renew or refinance your existing agreement may be. 

We make it easy to apply for and get into a new car finance loan from the comfort of your own home while also potentially saving you money in the process.

Car Credible helps you understand your car finance deal in a much clearer way by presenting you with all of your key financial information within your personalised dashboard. 

Do you have a car on finance and would like to reduce your monthly repayments? Sign up with Car Credible today; we could help you save money on your deal.

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We can help you track and budget months in advance while you can see your equity position, outstanding balance, early settlement figure and more without contacting your lender directly.

Car Credible understands that car finance can be overcomplicated, and many people with car finance are unsure if their deal is good or not. That's why we created Car Credible, to make car finance simple and much more accessible for everyone. 

There's no need to call your finance lender when you want some information about your deal. Car Credible tracks everything for you so you can discover all you need to know without picking up the telephone.

What information does Car Credible need?

  1. Your Car - Add your vehicle's registration and mileage. This will enable us to discover your car and start the process of creating your dashboard.
  2. Your Finance - Add your finance details. This will give us all the information we need to understand your financial position and help generate your options.
  3. Your Details - We just need your name and email address. This will help us personalise your dashboard and make future correspondence as simple as possible.

How does the car finance deal checker work?

Car Credible's Car Finance Deal Checker works to help us understand your car finance deal so we can create your personalised dashboard and give you all the information you need to help you switch to a newer car or save money on your deal.

All you need to do is enter your car and finance details, alongside your name and email, to allow us to create your dashboard. We will then show you all the information you need to know about your deal and allow you to make an informed decision about your car and money-saving options.

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Signing up is a great way to get a full overview of your current finance deal and all the help required to get into a newer car or better deal.

How do you use the car finance deal checker?

To use the car finance deal checker, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Sign up to Car Credible - Sign up to Car Credible by providing your car, finance and personal details.
  2. Access your Dashboard - Access your personalised dashboard and discover the equity in your car, your early settlement figure, your remaining balance on your car, and much more!
  3. Monitor your Car Finance Deal - Monitor your car finance deal over time, and come back every month to see how your deal has changed. Don't forget to update your mileage regularly to allow us to provide you with the most accurate information.
  4. Change your Car Finance Deal - When you decide you want to get into a newer car or want to see if you can change your finance deal, hit the 'Get my quote' button within your dashboard.

Please keep in mind that we rely on the information you provide to be 100% accurate, and anything slightly out could affect your whole dashboard and future application process. If you are unsure or want to run any details by our team, please contact us, and we'll do everything we can to get you back on track.

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How can you get into a new car or a better car finance deal?

From your personalised dashboard, follow these three steps:

  1. Complete our Form - Fill out our form - it will only take you a few minutes - and our finance partner will provide you with the best available quotes from a panel of lenders, giving you the option to choose the deal that suits you best.
  2. Choose your Deal - Once you've decided on a deal, our finance partner will do all the heavy lifting to take you through the process; at this point, there's nothing you need to do unless contacted by the finance team.
  3. Get Approved - When everything has been agreed upon, sign your new contract and drive away in your new car or begin your better, money-saving new car finance deal.

We will do all we can to provide you with the information you need to make your decision to suit your needs and budget, but ultimately, you must choose the deal that's best for you.

Is Car Credible a car finance lender?

Car Credible acts as a credit broker, not a lender. This means that while we help you get into the best car finance deal possible, it's the panel of lenders via our finance partners that you physically borrow your car finance loan from, not us.


Why is Car Credible doing this?

Car Credible thinks that the car finance market is overcomplicated and we want to break it down as simply as possible so you can save money and switch to a deal that suits you better.

What is part-exchanging?

Part exchanging is the process of trading in your old car when buying a car, using any equity you have in your current vehicle to put towards the value of the new one you are purchasing.